Dear all ,

              Hamro Nepali Bazar is a Free Online Classified website where you can buy, sell or advertise your products or your business.  

What can i do in Hamro Nepali Bazar?

> You can sell your second hand products in our sites, buy listed products from our sites. Advertise your brand /shops/ organisation in our sites.


What is the benefit ?

> We cant say that you will get 100% customer from this site but our site may give you 10% of what you need to achieve your goal.


Publising Ad is free ?

> Yes absolutely free of cost. 


Is there any Paid  Ad facility?

> Yes we have paid advertisment too . Like Premium listing , Banner ads ,facebook promotion , youtube promotion etc 


What is website Url ?

> Put your website url or  if you dont have you can put or facebook url 


What is " i am robot" ?

> It is a system to secure website from spammer and bot. 


How to use "I am robot"?

> Click the picture which is asked by google.




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