How to Register ?

Step 1. Click the Register For Free Button .

Step 2. Fill the form and submit.

Step 3. Open your email account and search mail sent by us.

Step 4. Just click the link we sent to you .

Step 5. Finally You will be successfully Registered.



How to Publish Free Ad ? (Go to buttom for Video Tutorial )  

Step 1. After Successfull registering , you must have to log in .

Step 2. Click Publish Free Ad Button .

Step 3. Fill the form with all details of your product / company and submit.

Step 4. You need to verify your request from your email account.( For Only 3 times in a life)

Step 5. Successful.




# Menus : My Account

1. Public Profile

In this link you can watch your public profile which you wrote in your description.


2. Listings

In this link you can see your all active listings.


2. Alerts

In this link you can see new alerts (new posts)


3. Accounts

In this link you can edit your profile information  and profile picture


4. Change Email

In this link you can change your email address.


5. Change Username

In this link you can change your displayed name.


6. Change Password

In this Link you can change your password.


7. Watchlist

In this link you can see the listings which is added by you  as watchlist.


8. Delete Account

In this link you can deactivate / Delete your account .





 Video Tutorial  ( Note : Watch in higher resolution. )