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Published on July 27, 2019
Published by Gokul Kunwar
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Description of item

Terracotta, which literally
means 'baked earth'  is a type of
clay-based ceramic which is used to create roof tilesTiles made from terracotta are a very
commonly used roofing material in Nepal and around the world, and they've been
widely used on roofs for a very
long time.

Terracotta  Sigle Gruth Roof Top tiles are very affordable. Single Gruth
 is perfect for many uses such as Temple
,Church , Historical Buildings Roof Top.

life expectancy of 
terracotta roof tiles can be as long as 100 years
with proper maintenance. Even on the low end.

Single Gruth roof tiling has
been used to provide a protective weather envelope to the sides of timber frame
buildings. These are hung on laths nailed to wall timbers, with tiles specially
molded to cover corners and jambs. Often these tiles are shaped at the exposed
end to give a decorative effect.

Another form of this is the so-called Terracotta
which was hung on laths, nailed and then grouted. This form of tiling gives an
imitation of brickwork and was developed to give the appearance of brick,

Terracotta Single Gruth Roof  Top  tiles are timeless,
hardwearing, and flexible design pieces. It comes in smooth,    rough, shiny, and matte finishes so it suits
almost all interior design.
Terracotta Single Gruth Roofing  tile are water, allergen
and bacteria resistant, a plus for
Terra Cotta is
perfect for many 


Advantage of Single Gruth Roof Top Tile

1.Heat insulation and windproof

and ant freezing

and pressure proof

& alkali resistant

labor cost




Size: 5″ X 8″ X 0.50 ”

Type : Roof 
Top Tile

No. of
Tiles: 5.50 pcs/Sqft.


For more information:

9813414576  & 9851184037

Email : nepalliving@gmail.com


Pradesh 3
Kathmandu District
Bhimdhunga 6, Nagarjun Nagarpalika 8, Now Ward 8

Other information

Contact Number: 9851184037
My Social Link : facebook/nepalliving1
Pay By : Cash
Condition : Its Brand New
Price : Fixed
Price In Words: Thirty Rupees only
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