How to register your Personal PAN In Nepal (ONLINE)

How to register your Personal PAN In Nepal (ONLINE)

Let us learn how to register our Personal PAN online.


Step 1 > Go to this url

Step 2 > Please click Taxpayer Portal as given below.

Step 3> Click to Application for registration ( Subcategory of Registration PAN,VAT, EXCISE)  like below picture.

Step 4> Fill the form with correct details. And in Verifying Offices Section please choose IRO/LTO. And IRO NAME ( The place where you are going to pay tax ) and Click OK  below

Step 5 > After Clicking ok You will see submission Number like 723738495048. ( Note down that number its very important for you)

Step 6 > Go To Registration Login ( Subcategory of Registration PAN, VAT, EXCISE)  and fill the form and submit.

Step 7 >  Now Login with your submission Number and username .

Step 8 > Fill all the form and submit .

Note : If you are not sure then you can only save and later on submit .

For more detail information click this link PPAN REGISTRATION





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