We are the first Buy and Sell group in Nepal which has more than  4,02,300 Active Members and we are registered in govt ( Gharelu Tatha Sana Udhyog, Tripureshwor). Our Journey started in 2009 (AD)

You all know that everyone can freely publish ads on our https://group.hamronepalibazar.com and our website. But for the company/organization we take some charges(Preapproval Service).  (The publisher must be genuine/registered for Preapproval System)

What is Preapproval System?

- If are have a business or organization then we give you an automatic approving system. After that, your post won't be pending anymore. Your post will be visible in real-time after posting.


Who Can Get Preapproval?

- People/Companies who are genuine and engaged in buy, sell or advertising activities can get preapproval. ( We do not give preapproval to Spam Publisher )


Where should I contact? 

- You can directly contact to Facebook page:  https://fb.hamronepalibazar.com

- Or You can contact our Preapproval Team below: 



 Bikram Shakya 

 -  Jasmine Shrestha 

 -  Sugina Shakya

 -   Monika Rana Magar 

  -  Zenisha Thimi

  - Dristi Shrestha

  -  Our facebook page

Or you can Directly in 9803815872 


What are the Benefits of Preapproval?

One step forward than non-preapproved members.

- Real-time visibility in the group. You do not have to wait for admins' approval.

- Get support from the admin team. ( We can recommend your business to our customer) 

- You can share quiz too

- You can do unlimited posts. 

-  You can go Live any time 

-  You can start Watch party any time

- We will put your business details on our website


What is the process?

- You Can Just Pay us at 9803815872 ( Hamro Nepali Bazar Bigyapan) and we will do it within 10  minutes to 5 hrs. You must contact our team listed above.



How much we charge?

- We charge only  Rs 365 for the whole 1 year ( Package base on Nepali Year) (Package includes: 1 USER, 1 Page, 1 Extra user )

- Renewal Charge for Old subscriber is only  Rs 100/user ( Note: User must renew within 2 months after expiry date,If not full amount will be charged) 

- We can give some discount to some members who are not able to pay the full amount. ( They have to support us by like, review, and subscribe)


How can you pay? Payment Method?

- You can pay with Esewa, Khalti, or Balance Transfer. 



What is the  Payment ID?

- Payment id 9803815872 ( For Both Esewa and Khalti )  or you can pay to our preapproval team.

- Note: Kindly keep the screenshot for reference.



Do you get the bill?

- Of course. ( We can provide you soft copy online and if you want then we can give you hardcopy)


What do we do with the money?

- Actually, we divide this money to admins who are helping in this project, supporting preapproved members, web development and we have some donation plans too.


What is our future plan?

- Making this platform to grow Nepali Business and people internationally.



 Note : If you pay to unknown people then we will not be liable. 







( Hamro Nepali Bazar Bigyapan ) 

Naradevi, Kathmandu Nepal 

+977-9803815872 ( Khalti id or  Esewa id or Viber )