Safety Tips

Give 5 mins time for this article provides online platform which helps buyers & sellers to meet with each other. However, it is always a good idea to take some precaution before conducting any transaction. Below are several safety guidelines. This is not a complete list. We advise you to always use common sense, sound judgment and trust your instincts.

HamroNepalibazar does not offer any kind of buyer protection.
HamroNepalibazar is not involved in buying or selling activities nor does it act as a middleman. Just like any newspaper classifieds, all the ads are posted by users for information purpose. These users are solely responsible for their ad content and their acts, without any liability on our part.

Avoid fraud & scams.
Don’t assume without confirmation that ad content and picture displayed are true and accurate. Ask questions to ad poster for more details if you have any doubt on your mind. Make yourself aware of common scams and fraud practices. Be suspicious of:

Meet in-person and at a public place.
While buying or selling through hamronepalibazar, it is most likely that you will be meeting a stranger. It is advisable to learn as much as you can about the person whom you are meeting or trading with. Ask the person about his work place, profession, etc. If in doubt, ask the person to show his identification document like license and citizenship.

Some of the users are marked with Verified status. We have verified their number from these users. It is preferable to transact with them.

Inspect the product in detail.
We recommend you to physically inspect the product before making payment. Take your time to check product thoroughly, avoid being rushed in by seller. If you do not have required expertise, ask advice from your friend or professional.

Be especially careful when buying/selling high value items.
If you are looking to buy something expensive, we recommend that you first meet the seller to check the product. Once you are ready to purchase, either go to ATM or visit the bank to arrange for the cash. For very large amounts, instead of paying cash it is better to visit seller’s bank and deposit in his account.

Try to avoid non face-to-face transactions.
Hamronepalibazar is all about trading locally and does not encourage non face-to-face transactions. However if you are interested, it is advisable to make payment through banks. Never send cash directly. Always keep photocopies of deposit slips and cheques. Similarly, sellers are advised not to dispatch goods before receiving payment from buyer.

Please report any attempts of fraud, suspicious activities at case of fraud or illegal activity, we recommend that you report it to local authorities and inform us.