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Abstract: Whether we realize it or not, the Internet is rife with innovative and unique institutional forms that are revolutionizing the way that people interact on and offline. Issues of governance in these Internet platforms and other digital institutions have presented a challenge for software engineers, many of whom have little exposure to the theorems or theories of institutional design. This framework is intended to facilitate dialogue between computer scientists, political scientists, and other researchers. Top minecraft servers The predominant guiding practices for the design of digital institutions in computer-supported cooperative work, and the tech industry at large have been an incentive-driven behavioral engineering paradigm, a collection of atheoretical methods such as A/B-testing, and incremental issue-driven software engineering. One institutional analysis framework that has proved useful in the design of traditional institutions is the body of resource governance literature , also known as the "Ostrom Workshop". Top minecraft servers A key finding of this literature that has yet to be widely incorporated in the design of a variety of digital institutions is the importance of incorporating participative change processes in what is known as a "constitutional layer" of design of institutions -- in other words, rules that permit and facilitate diverse stakeholder participation in the ongoing process of institutional design change. We examine whether this principle is being met or could be better fulfilled in three different instances of digital institutions: cryptocurrencies, cannabis informatics and amateur Minecraft server governance. Examining these cases in a variety of ways allows us to illustrate the broad relevance of constitutional layers in a variety of types of digital institutions. Top minecraft servers

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