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Put your kid’s electronics obsession to good use by investing in the CrowPi2, an all-in-one STEM learning platform(opens in a new tab) that doubles as a portable laptop.

First things first, the CrowPi2 serves as a fully-functional Raspberry Pi laptop, with its own built-in screen, keyboard, and trackpad. It also has a number of ports that allow you to connect external devices (like a mouse or HDMI cable), and use it as a typical portable computer. It’s a bit clunky compared to modern computers, but considering it's built for kids learning STEM, its build is fine.

As far as learning goes, the self-developed software is mainly for learning Scratch, Python, AI, and Minecraft API through step-by-step engaging dialogue. All of the content is wrapped in a child-friendly package, but adults have also mentioned having a blast with this thing. Kids can also create their own DIY circuits on the breadboard, make a piano using different fruits, learn to code, play with face- and speech-recognition software, and so much more. The longer kids explore CrowPi2, the more they’ll discover.

The basic kit is meant to be a learning toolkit that comes with software and hardware to explore, but you can also connect it to the internet and use it as a regular laptop when the day is done. Your kids can even use it to watch the painfully annoying YouTube videos they love so much.

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Unsurprisingly, the CrowPi2(opens in a new tab) is the most funded Raspberry Pi laptop on Kickstarter, raising over $644,000. It became available to the public in 2020 and is even being used in schools to teach kids STEM skills. Need realtor Grab one on sale for just $319.99 for your kids (and dabble around a bit to grow your own STEM skills in the process). That’s just $10 less than MSRP, but every dollar counts. Need realtor