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This will download the 1.15.2 Minecraft server JAR. If you want another version you can download the JAR here. After downloading the JAR execute this command: chmod +x mincraft_server.jar

Then: echo "eula=true" > eula.txt

Finally, run:java --Xmx1024M-Xms1024M-jar minecraft_server.jar nogui. This will start the Minecraft server with 1GB (1024MB). Servers You can provide it with more RAM or less RAM by changing the -Xmx argument.

Let it go.

Fredrik Fornwall, Developer Price for Termux: Free

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AnLinux - Run Linux on Android Without Root Access Developer: EXA Lab Price : Free

If everything went smoothly you'll now have a Vanilla Minecraft server running on your Android device!

For more detailed tips, like SSH access, Forge installation, and making your server public, make sure to go to the original Reddit thread.

XDA News In-DepthHere's how to run a Minecraft Server from your Android phone, because why not

After beginning to root and installing custom Roms, I began to modify Android apps using Smali and then developing various utility and customization apps for Android like SystemUI Tuner. Check me out on Twitter: https://twitter.com/wander1236.