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The Minecraft Mac was cute and all, but in the event you suppose that was the pinnacle of Mac-associated creations in Minecraft, you're underestimating our readership. igralni Reader Simon sent along this set of Flickr footage, which exhibits off a whole recreation of the Fifth Avenue Apple Retailer, complete with glass cube on high and a retailer stuffed with products down beneath. Sadly, there is not any approach to model out iPads or iPhones in Minecraft, so there's just a complete bunch of what seems to be like Mac minis on sale. But then again, that appears like an amazing retailer, too.

Very nicely carried out, Simon. I'd prefer to know how lengthy something like this takes -- I've constructed just a few things in Minecraft myself, however nothing this, err, life like, and undoubtedly nothing of this magnitude. Superior stuff, although -- what's subsequent?