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Minecraft is an alluringly moving target to try to pin down, and so in order to assess how it is "well-played"-well-designed and iteratively well-redesigned, in this particular case-we need to think more broadly about the approach the developers have taken toward the creation of the game in addition to its formal game mechanics. That is, we can't evaluate only the design of the game however, we must take into account the shifting goals of the game's creators as well as the actions of players in the game, and what interactions between the designers and players can mean for the game's development. In this paper, I will begin by describing the game, briefly tracking its development through the Alpha and Beta development stages. Then, I'll isolate the two primary gameplay elements-construction and survival-and show how the game's success is due to the interrelations, tensions, and connections between these two areas of play. Then, I'll talk about how Minecraft's tensions between construction and survival have led it to be seen more as a gaming platform, one which is overtly afforded by the game's design, and which has led to thrilling experiments in games to learn and game play as an educational space, and games as play spaces for exploring artistic goals. Just another wordpress site

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